Silencing the Truth – Dr Andrew Wakefield

In Health on June 13, 2010 at 7:07 pm

Once again we see another case of  big-pharma along with elitist interest groups controlling the media and governmental institutions in order to protect their multi billion dollar profits.  Below are details of a smear campaign to suppress & silence the truth.

Dr Andrew Wakefield has been at the forefront on revealing the truth behind vaccines most notably MMR and has consequently and unjustifiably struck off the medical register by the General Medical Council.

Many vaccines contain toxins that cause Autism, Motor Neuron Disease, allergies such as Asthma and Eczema to name a few.  Much of this information is delivered in a previous RemoteKontrol post regarding the so-called swine flu pandemic that can be found here which also contains a short interview with Dr Wakefield.

There has been a swathe of propaganda spewed across our newspapers most notably from big pharma aligned  ‘journalist’ John Deer published by Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper ‘The Times’.

You will find below interviews and further information on who Dr Andrew Wakefield really is and his replies to the outrageous and unfounded accusations made against him by the premeditated GMC panel.

See the Brian Deer website here to read his ‘report’ and then please see the links below for Dr Andrew Wakefield’s responses to his accusations.

Brian Deers accusations in the British Medical Journal here & Dr Wakefield’s response found here

Interview with Dr Wakefield about his work and his thoughts on the recent GMC decision – click here

Dr Wakefield articles from the Age of Autism website – click here

Supportive Spectator article – click here

Interview with Dr Wakefield in the Guardian – click here

Dr Wakefield’s website – click here

BBC New report including statement from Dr Wakefield – click here

Dr Mercola’s video interview with Dr Wakefield

Here are some of the newspaper articles, TV reports malforming opinion to in turn silence Dr Wakefield and his associates. These blatantly biased and condemning reports concentrate on making Dr Wakefield look bad.  There is real focus on the children’s party blood samples rather than discussing the real issues.  Watch, read & listen to big-pharma’s PR campaign to demonize Dr Wakefield.

MSNBC Today show Interview video link

A few examples of the UK’s anti journalistic newspaper headlines sensationally regurgitating Brian Deers story.

The Times 01

The Times 02

The Daily Mail

The Telegraph

The Sun

I urge you to look further yourself and form your own opinion as opposed to listening to the controlled and censored information filters we call TV & newspaper media.


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